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Home consultation in the Berlin local region

Your time is precious, and choosing jewellery to suit your individual taste should not be rushed. To make life easier for you, I can organise an appointment to discuss wedding rings, custom-made pieces and gold valuation in the comfort of your home. An appointment is without obligation of course, and does not imply any commitments on your part.


Selling gold

is a matter of trust. We can value and assess scrap gold or old gold jewellery in your presence and make you a fair offer. It's all too easy to be misguided and confused by false promises or claims of high buying prices. We offer comprehensive advice and information before you commit to selling your gold.

Please do not forget to bring your ID card or passport when offering gold for sale and: no purchase of scrap gold on saturdays!


Fair trade, sustainable manufacture

The scrap gold we purchase is first refined, then re-used for jewellery production. Since a greater amount of gold is bought than is processed, we can state in good faith that we deal fairly and sustainably with this precious raw material.


Our diamonds are only purchased from certified Berlin based diamond dealers to ensure that the gemstones are sourced exclusively from conflict-free zones. Our suppliers guarantee that the diamonds are from legal Sources and do not serve to finance conflict. The seller likewise guarantees that to his personal knowledge the diamonds are conflict-free and/or that he has obtained a written guarantee from the respective supplier in accordance with the relevant UN resolution.



to items of jewellery are carried out by our expert staff at a friendly price. Except at peak times, your jewellery will be ready for collection within one week.

Traditional craftsmanship and 30 years of experience combined with modern technology often make it possible to fix seemingly irreparable damage. We do not carry out repairs on non-precious metals.

We offer setting work and the re-grinding of gemstones as well as offering replacement gemstones. We can also re-create lost jewellery with the help of 3D scans and much more...



You have a creative idea, but are unsure about putting it down on paper? Feel free to get in contact with us: consultation and developing ideas are our speciality.

Together we will develop your idea from the initial idea to a finished item of jewellery. The work is carried out in clear, defined stages and this ensures that you can observe the entire production process and make any necessary adjustments before the piece is completed.

We can also alter and re-work your existing jewellery. Older pieces gain a new lease of life after remodelling or restoration, from simple cleaning and removing scratches or blemishes, right up to adding or removing precious stones, clips and fasteners etc.


Wedding rings

You can't seem to find your dream wedding ring and you are intimidated by the costs of a custom-made article? Your concerns are unfounded. By using industrially-finished ring blanks and modern production techniques we can realize your dream ring at a very reasonable price.

Our comprehensive and systematic consultation usually brings beautiful results within a short time, and such items are generally no more expensive than off-the-shelf jewellery from a high street retailer.


Ring engraving

We offer a tailor-made engraving service to suit your exact wishes. Anything is possible: your fingerprint, a signature, symbols, signs and even lines of text can be realized. We use the following technology: laser engraving or traditional machine engraving. In addition, we can stamp any precious metal using hand-finished letter punches.


Pearl re-stringing

Your valuable pearl necklace should be checked at least every two years, and if necessary re-strung. Before re-stringing, the pearls will be cleaned and the fastener checked and serviced.

Straight re-stringing or knotting? Knotting involves placing a knot in the string after ever pearl in order to prevent the loss of several pearls in the case of a break in the cord.